The Robe

The Robe of His Son

Steve had been a difficult child. He was a bully at school, ran with all the wrong people and enjoyed and bragged about sowing his wild oats. He caused his parents a lot of sleepless nights, worry and heartache.

In his first year of college he met a Christian girl and to his surprise she turned him down and held to her convictions that she would only date him at church functions. Within six months of ‘attending’ church Steve had a glorious change and became a committed believer.

He married that girl and for fifty years they live a beautiful life in spite of his regret for those early years. Steve enjoyed his Christian life and was a committed and important leader in his local church. The children of their marriage had a wonderful home and they too became member of God’s family. But Steve never could get rid of those early years, the hurt he caused his parents, the sin against others and certainly against God. Many nights were filled with tears of regret and wishes for a do over with life. Of course it never came.

When he died and entered heaven he was invite to come to a banquet in God’s great dining room. He knew that he was too sinful to enter, so he just peeked around the door.

God spoke up and said, “Steve, come in and have a seat, you will enjoy the banquet.” Steve replied that he was too sinful to enter; God said, “Why Steve I am looking at you and I don’t see any sin.” Steve asked about all the sins of his early life. The sin which he had spent a life time regretting. God’s reply was simple; “Steve I don’t seen any sin, all I see is the robe of my Son.”

That is the picture of Grace; God is not a keeper of the bad moments for those who trust in His Son, He sees only the robe that His Son has put around each of us. His Robe, not our sins, but the robe of the righteousness of Jesus.


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I have a number of decisions which I am praying about and would be grateful for your prayers.

As some of you know I have been doing the devotions and stories for more than ten years, I have posted more than 1200 stories and had them opened by people in over ninety countries some 112,000 times.

Lately you may have noticed that I post older stories about twice a week and new ones on the other days, that has something to do with my brain, and may be the reason I have seen a real drop in readership.

I have received as many as 400+ on some days but in recent months the readership has fallen to about 50 a day, sometime less, now and then more.

Gmail, it has nothing to do with your address, it is the service I have with them , has a reader which from time to times kicks all of my mail back to me, it is considered spam by the machine. I am currently using seven different list and servers in order to mail the devotions and must also spread my send time out so as not to excite the reader.

My post is published in a couple of newspapers weekly and in about three slick magazines, so God has been very good to give me so much outreach.

Now none of you have anything to do with all of this, it is just some of the consideration I will have to make, and thus your prayers would be appreciated.

I enjoy writing, telling stories and sharing the devotions but I am not sure what the Lord is asking me to do so I am giving it prayerful consideration.

Thanks for reading, thanks for praying,


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