They Made Over Me

When you travel in other countries you learn that there are things which you do even though you have been taught that it would be rude in your culture.

So it was as Jim and I were visiting in the back country of Belize. We went in this one room house and the lady stood up and insisted that Jim and I take the only two seats in the house. She her mother and three children stood. I felt terrible but by Jim’s look I understood that it was what I had to do.

The lady and her mother made over us thanked us for coming and presented each of the children to us as if we were visiting royalty. There it was one room, mats on the dirt floor for sleeping, a few clothes hanging on the walls, roof made from palm leaves and open holes for windows. But we were treated as though we had entered a palace.

I was amazed at how happy and well-kept the kids were and how the mother and grandmother seemed so proud of a picture on the wall, a bright shirt the girl would wear Sunday to church and the family bible that had been worn with great use.

She asked me to read from the bible, to touch each child and pray for them and then to pray for the family before I left. I had to hold back the tears as I left, I have been in homes that cost several millions of dollars but I have never been more honored than in that one room mud hut.

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