He Had It First

He Had It First

As he left the doctor’s office and reached to punch the button for the elevator he wondered whom he would tell first. He had never been good at showing his true feelings and this was going to be difficult to share.

He had no close family, not even what most people would call close friends and he wasn’t sure any of them listen and how could he burden these friends with his own hurt, he had never been burden with theirs. The older man who stood in the elevator as its door opened nodded and said, “Bad news?”

In shock he looked at this total stranger and wondered how he could know such and thing and why it would matter. Unlike his normal behavior he begin to tell his story to this total stranger, they got out of the elevator and stood in the lobby as he poured out his heart to this never before seen man. It was like there was a motor running and he could not turn it off, he just poured out all that the doctor had said and how in shock he was at the news.

Yet the stranger, listened as though his was the only story in the world to be told. On and on he went even telling the man that he did not know what to do next, who to tell and how to react. Exhausted he stopped and started to apologize to this man whom he had captured in his sorrow. The stranger touched him on the shoulder, and with the concern of a lifelong friend said, “Just remember son, Jesus had it first and He will walk with you through this journey because He has already been there.”

And He has.

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