Love Never Fails

Walter Montgomery and his wife of 71 years sat across the table from one another and enjoyed their breakfast. Walter was 93, Lillian, his wife was 89. Sara their 65 year old daughter poked her head in the kitchen through the door leading to the garage and asked if her mom was ready to go to the bible study at church.

Lillian responded with an assurance that it would be just a moment for she needed to brush her teeth and make sure her hair was presentable. Sara hugged her dad, asked him how he had slept and what his plans were for the morning. He told her that it had been a great night and he was going to clean up the dishes and listen to David Jeremiah on the radio and then he said he might take a short walk out to the Koi pond in the back yard and feed his pet fish.

Sara laughed and said that he was going to spoil those fish and get them too large for the pond with his daily trips to see that they were fed. They both laughed as Lillian walked in the room and said she was ready; she got her bible from the counter walked over to Walter and kissed him as she had done almost every morning for seventy one years.

She instructed him to just leave the dishes and to be careful and take his cane if he went out to feed the fish. He laughed and said, “You still enjoy telling me what to do, don’t you? I hope you know how much I love you and how wonderful these years have been. I will behave.”

She kissed him again and she and Sara left for bible study. Theirs had been a good life, like most other people it had its deep rivers and tall mountains. He had pastored churches for some fifty years and these last few years he had enjoy listing to others and wishing he had said that.

They enjoyed the small home that provided them with some assisted living needs as well as the privacy they both needed. Now and then he would hear from a former church member, but like most of his friends he had outlived so many of them that there were not many left who remembered him.

Walter adjusted the radio, got his bible and decided to let the dishes go until after Dr. David Jeremiah. The moment he felt it he knew what it was, it didn’t scare him like he had expected it to do. He pushed his chair back and placed his bible on his chest. Dr. Jeremiah was his usual ‘great’ but Walter never heard him finish, he heard another voice, a sweet, loving voice that said in the softest tone, “Time Walter, its time.”


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