I Have Been Thinking

I have been thinking, thinking a lot; it is hard but Dr. Mason did say that I should get more exercise and I know that thinking has to be good exercise. All that straining that goes on in your head; all those millions of little men running around trying to keep everything in place, just look at them some have hammers, others – saws –pliers – rakes, got to put stuff back – looking glasses, some of the thoughts are very small – dictionaries, after all you have to look up all those words you are thinking, so you can bet I have been getting a lot of exercise.

I know why God fixed us so that at my age we forget a lot, just think – we get to a room and we can’t remember why we came to the room, so back we go to the starting point and then, yep, we remember so it is back to the room. See how simple that is and just think (good exercise) how many steps we take each day just trying to remember. Get to the car, where are the keys, got to look, get to the room, can’t remember why we are there so back to the car and yep, we remember so it is back to the room for our keys. That is really great, Thanks God.

I also know why it is so hard for us to get up from the floor – it goes like this, we have to crawl and exercise to get to something that we can pull up against – be careful with this, don’t use a rocker, it will just bang you in the head, try something stronger, but be careful don’t pull the lamp off of the table or tip over the glass of coke, but you can do it and as you do you get a lot of exercise. See how nice God is?

Just think, he made us so our feet don’t like for us to stand up a long time – reason – blood would flow to them, they would become large and swollen and then they would really hurt, so don’t stand long, stretch out on the couch, put your feet up on the other end and man they are above your heart and there you go getting well again. I told you He was good.

Doctor said that since most of my work was done at a desk and inside that I should make an effort to get out in the fresh air and get those lungs working. Man I am on to that one, I got in my car rolled the windows down, opened the sun room, and took off to the state park, wow it was chilly, but fresh air was coming through me, big time. An hour later I got to the park, nose was running, good exercise, fingers blue, nice change in color, so back I come to home. Two hours of outdoor life, exercise, and lots of fresh, cold air. I may just go back and do my medical test again, I am already better, my nose is running, my gas tank is empty and I am ready for the feet treatment on the couch. It has been a wonderful day, God is so Good.


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