Snow is Coming

If you live in the south you are never surprised by the snow. You never have the chance to wake up, look out the window and say wow, it snowed last night.

You are much more likely to wake up and say, they were wrong, no snow, now I have to go to work and the material I was supposed to prepare for today I don’t have, why did I believe them, it didn’t  snow and I am dead.

That’s it, I will call in dead this morning, I have used up all of my grandparents, parents, children and near kin, it is me this time, I am dead.

Not only does the media keep us looking for the snow, they start about a week in advance and by the night before we are in a panic and we live in the midst of a panic. Traffic is terrible, there is no place to park at the grocery story, and not even a shopping cart is available.

All the television station have specials on how to drive, how to stay home, how to get ready, get you children in, get your dog in, my dog has his own door, but unless I make him come in he just eats the snow as it falls and I guess in time he would freeze, but I get him in because if I am cold my 100 pound German Shepard is cold, he does not know it, he dose not even care but Max has to come in because:

We know, we have been fully warned, no excuse, get ready Snow is Coming.

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