There He Is

When Christ spoke to Thomas as he expressed his doubt, he was talking to all of us. Hey, He is talking about us. We believe even though we have not seen Him. Yet we have seen Him, in a changed life, a cry of a baby, a smiling face of a saint slipping out of this world into the world of Jesus.

We see Him in a young boy running an errand for an old man who cannot make it to the store. A grandchild crawling into the lap of a loved one and saying, “I love you.”

We see Him in 10,000 graves on the shore of Normandy, the flag cover boxes coming back from Iraq, the worried faces of parents when the fever is high and the hour is late. We see Him in the hope that we have for a world beyond this world, where the wrongs are made right and the hurts are healed forevermore. Maybe we see not His body but we do see His work and His promise.

I saw Him in a couple of young men, I have never seen them before but they told me to go before them as I was getting my biscuit at the Shell station. Another who went outside in the cold to help a lady get the air gage and check her tires?

There He is, over there, there: He is all over Pickett County.


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