Housewives of Greater Chanute

Housewives of Greater Chanute…..
The wives met at the local Dairy Queen to start 2016. They wanted to enjoy the warm weather with ice cream before the cold days of winter began. They had all agreed to be on their best behavior and try to keep from drawing attention to themselves.
Everything started off on a calm note. The ladies were wearing the new outfits they had gotten for Christmas and were quite proud of the way they looked. One or two of the women had painted their nails and word had it that one of the ladies had a new hair color. We thought it was new since we had never seen that shade of green before!
Thelma ordered a banana split and it did look good. Some of the ladies had various kinds of blizzards, some had cones, and Edith had a Sundae even though it was only Thursday!
Fruit Loops ordered a banana split and was told there were no more bananas. You know how Fruit Loops loves bananas. She tried to get Thelma to give her banana split to her and Thelma refused. Fruit Loops decided she would jerk it out of Thelma’s hands.
Neither of them was able to hold on to the treat. Ice cream and bananas went flying through the air and we all know that whatever goes up must come down. In their struggle over the ice cream both ladies fell to the floor. It was at this time that the “High Sheriff” and one of his deputies entered to order supper. They went into action when they saw the two ladies on the floor wrestling. The sheriff has never been steady on his feet and he fell in the slick ice cream. Brother Ivan Raley left his seat to come to the aid of the sheriff and stepped on a banana slice and slid into the middle of the pile of bodies.
The manager came out of his office to see what all the commotion was about. He first helped Brother Ivan to his feet and then ordered the sheriff and Thelma and Fruit Loops to stop and get off the floor. He was none too happy as he handed out mops and brooms to the ladies and commanded them to clean up the mess.
The sheriff looked like he could bite nails, and Brother Ivan kept mumbling about getting his jacket cleaned before Sunday services started. We are going to read the local paper next week to see if Brother Ivan’s article is about minding your own business and staying away from flying bananas!
Written by:
Roger Schindler – Lives most of the time in Byrdstown, now that he has written this he may never be able to return from vacation.

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