Vann’s Sunday School Lesson

A story of what I did a couple of weeks ago with my class.
We had just finished talking about shepherds and how the angels appeared to them and not wealthy people, even the King had to be told about the birth from Wise Men. I held up a silver coin and asked the class of sixth grade boys how much they thought it was worth.
“A quarter, a half-dollar, can I have it?” were some of the responses. I showed it to them closer and pointed out it was only a half-ounce silver coin. I told them right now the value is worth about $7.00; four years ago it was worth about $20.00. My point to them was that the coin was worth whatever value man put on it. It changed constantly from high to low based on what someone was willing to pay at the time you wanted to sell. The only value it had was what someone was willing to pay, what man said it was worth.
Then I asked them all to look at me and listen. I asked them what they were worth. I got a few secular answers and a few Sunday school answers. I told them they were worth the life of Jesus. That God came to earth and provided a path and payment for our sins because of our inability to pay ourselves and because God valued us so much that he was willing to let Jesus be brutally punished and beaten and to die as payment for our sins. Then he rose on the third day in victory over death.
I looked at each one of them and said you are worth the life of Christ. That is constant and there is no other value any higher and it will never change. No matter what happens in this world. God gave his all so that you might live in him. Even if there was only one person, any one of you, Jesus still would have died for you. You are that valuable to God, and everyone on earth is worth that payment to God. Our enemies, our friends, those who follow false gods, those who deny Gods existence, those who want to kill us; everyone is that valuable to God and all we have to do is accept Christ’s sacrificial gift and we can spend eternity with him. That is why it is important that we share this gift and value, the world does not know. And this is the time of year we celebrate the beginning of that gift, the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ.
After having their full attention for a few brief moments they went back to being sixth grade boys but maybe they got some of the point.

Love you,

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