New Year – New You

New Year – New You
I know that there is a lot wrong with our world and I hear all of the complaints and grumblings about what is happening in our land and much of it I both understand and agree with the feeling that so many have.
But I wonder what would happen if we changed some things in 2016, maybe we stopped all of the negative talk, after all it is not changing a thing it is just causing us to all feel hopeless, and take a positive step toward the things we can do something about.
For example, I met a man at the airport in McAllen, Texas and as we talked I learned that he would come to the airport two or three times each week and when he saw a service man arriving home without anyone there to greet him he would start a conversation with him and if he needed it give him a ride home. He told me of once saving a young man from renting a car, his parents were in poor health and could not come for him so he would have to rent a car to travel the 130 or so miles to his home. This man had taken him, no charge, just glad to do good.
How about crossing the parking lot on Sunday morning and seeing a piece of trash on the lot, stopping to pick it up and seeing that it was put in the right place? Not a big deal, but it is doing good.
How about a phone call to someone who is shut in and unable to get out, maybe a note to someone who has blessed your life. How about a ‘Big Mac’ for the man standing on the corner with the sign, ‘Hungry need food.’ Maybe you could hold a small child’s hand while the mother tries to get thing together to get on a plane, saying hello to a stranger in church, thank you to a waitress in a restaurants.
See a kid from school and praising our teams and if they are involved in the sports thank them and just say well done.
I helped an older man get his coffee he looked really confused when he looked at the machine so I offered to get him what he was wanting, too less than a minute but he knew someone noticed him and someone share with him.
Holding the door for folks to get in before you walk in at a public place even though it means they get in line in front of you. Nothing profound and life changing, but each an act of seeing an opportunity to do good and doing it. If you wait for the great and miss all the ‘small’ you will likely never see the great.

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