Goodbye 2015

As I turned and walked from under the tent that protected the family from the wind at the cemetery I looked around and saw a number of men about my age, some a few years older, some younger I wondered if they were thinking the same thing that had crossed my mind as I watched the color guard fold the flag and present it to the wife of the deceased; which one of us will be the next to have our friends gather, pay their respect, and walk back to their cars only to have the chain to begin again. Life at my age is like that; it knows that the destination is real but you cannot ponder that too long or your heart will become depressed and life will lose its luster.
2015 must feel a bit like that for the hours now tick away and soon it will be among the former years. This year of angry talk, television filled with riots, terrorists attacks, unresolved problems, and a world no lighter than when 2014 closed itself. How disappointed this year must be that disease, heartache, bitterness, and problems still abound. Is it disappointed? Does it fill wasted and broken? I do not know how time ticks itself across the space of life, but surely there must be some moment of despair written somewhere in its history.
I would like for my clock to chime the words of Paul in Second Timothy 4:7, I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: . . As time ticks away I want each day to be lived in the faith, fighting a good fight for Jesus, (by loving others) and I want to finish my course.

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  1. I just caught up on all this week’s stories from Ivan, don’t forget I have your 2 shirts

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