I Have Had My Christmas

One day last week a lady working in a local office in Byrdstown called and ask me to come by when I could that they had something for me.

With no idea what it might be I stopped by on Thursday and much to my surprise the boss did not know anything about the call, he asked around and one of the secretaries said that she had called and she had something for me.

She left the outer office and in a few minutes returned with a gift of a wooden folding ruler. As she told it she had read a story that I had written about breaking my dad’s folding ruler after he had warned me that it was not a toy and should not be played with.

Of course Johnnie Barber and I had fought a great battle against the bad guys using the rulers as swords and I broke mine.

She said that the story had blessed her and when she saw a wooden ruler in a hardware store she just had to purchase one for me.

What a thoughtful gift, and how lovely to have someone read a story that I had written and like it so much that she would give me one as a reminder.

I am at the age when I am getting rid of most of my items in my office but you can be sure that this ruler will not be given away, my wife will place it with my body and maybe in glory our Lord will let me play and finish that game of long ago.

Thank you dear one for being so lovely, I am humbled and blessed. I need no other gifts for Christmas, I am full and blessed.


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