From My Son Vann

From My Son Vann

Memories 0f 246 South Lindsey Street

Yellow cake, chocolate pie, chicken and dumplings, and eating more hamburgers that I ever should.  Just first of many memories that jump out when I think of 246 South Lindsey.  Family, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends.  That long drive way to the shared garage/barn.  Wondering how it stood so long.  Waving at Maw through the kitchen window.  That funny swing seat thing on the front porch. Standing over the furnace, Jimmy Ayers dragging his knife on his plate and grinning at me (scared me to death), that funny powder puff thing in the bath room.  Playing on the stairs because I was too scared to go all the way to the basement.  But the wonderful things I discovered once I was brave enough to venture down.  Walking to the store on Lexington and getting gum or candy.  That back yard that went on forever.  The sewing machine next to Pop’s shop, the fire place next to the wall where Laurie and I fought off so many bad guys as soldiers, batman and robin, and whomever else was popular at the moment.  Playing with the rabbits not really realizing their fate, eating those green apples and hoping not to get a stomach ache.  Staring at the great wilderness beyond the back fence and never being brave enough to venture into the unknown (maw probably would have skinned us if we did).  Putting a stick through my ear and blaming some mysterious man.  Finally being old enough for Pop to let me roam the shop, him teaching me to use that lathe (I still have a Billy club I made).  Taking bathes and trying not to get water on the floor so it would not flood the basement, looking at photo albums, curling up in that great big bed in the front room and falling off to sleep knowing that after a wonderful breakfast in the morning the adventures at 246 South Lindsey Street would begin again.  Just a few of many.

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