Preparing For Thanksgiving

I know that most of you are busier than a one arm paper hanger in a wind storm trying to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Just think of all you have to do: make sure there is all the things you need on hand to complete your thanksgiving dinner, know the football schedule so you won’t have to have family member jumping up to check on the game, making your list for shopping on Black Friday, time and places you will need to be, families members and friends you must call, it is going to be a busy day and now I come along and add to your list.

Lead your family on Thursday to be thankful for: Sgt. William Story, standing watch on a hill in Afghanistan so that our lunch might go well, Lt. Page Whitehouse flying her helicopter into harm’s way to bring out those who have been wounded, even the enemy wounded, Petty Officer Steve Chandler aboard the USS Florida, deep under the ocean where not even those who know can tell anyone, his duty of silence makes our enemy aware that they can never win in a nuclear war against America.

Of course there is Pvt. George Simmons, somewhere near the neutral zone in South Korea standing his post, keeping the honor of America , Lt. John Fisher serving as duty officer aboard a ship at sea, Sgt. Marvin Suiter in a ditch looking across the landscape hoping the enemy will not come today, A mothers son or daughter, a wife, a husband, a father, all around the globe men and women keep watch today, not of a Football game, not a great meal around the table of their family but somewhere on the edge of conflict and terror. A police officer, a fireman, a medic, a trooper all away from home, missing family and friends in order for all of us to laugh, have a wonderful meal, enjoy a lot of football, eat too much, and fall safely asleep on our couch in this land of the free and home of the brave. Let us give our thanks to God and His abiding care upon one and all that make this day free for each of us.



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