Long, Long Ago

Long, long ago on Lexington Street in the second house from the corner where Camden meets Lexington I was born. It was on a Thursday, November the 11th: and the world in which I arrived was so very different. Less than half of the people had a phone or car and no one had even heard of television. My two younger sisters did not know that mother was going to have a baby; they were both over the age of nine. In fact my sister Peggy thought that Dr. Brown had brought me in the black bag he had when he came to take care of my birth.

Those were innocent years. Several people on the street had Ice Boxes, not refrigerators our rent was $10.00 a month so we moved to the house on the corner, larger, much nicer but still only $10.00. The year I turned four we purchased a home at 246 South Lindsey Street where I would live until I left home.

The price of the house was $1,375.00. That is not a mistake, one thousand three hundred and seventy five dollars. I grew up with three older sisters, one married by the time I was four. We listened to the radio as a family at night like it was a great magic box. On Saturdays we went to the ‘Moving Picture Show’, go figure, just the kids, mom and dad would shop. We always ate together always at home with a very few exceptions when we went to Dyersburg to see my grandparents, then in their home, I am sure I was a junior in High School before we ate in a restaurant. On Sundays we went to church. Calvary Baptist Church at the corner of Tomlin and Lexington was our church and we seldom missed.

I grew up loving church and knowing that I was loved by the people in that church. Sometimes it seems like a very long time ago for our world has changed so very much. As a community East Jackson and the whole of the city prayed for our men in ‘the service’ during the Second World War. We wept with our neighbors when it was learned that one of our ‘boys’ was being shipped out and too many times we wept pools of tears for those who would never come back to Jackson.

We wrote real letters, walked to a friend’s house and just ‘stayed’ a while. If it was a real emergency we would make a long distance call otherwise we put a three cent stamp on an envelope and mailed a letter. We didn’t seem like we were always in a rush and time seemed to move so slowly. But now after the long, long ago – time moves swiftly and now I am old and yesterday is forever gone. But I am grateful for my yesterday; for it gave me a family, a community, and a church that share the knowledge that in Jesus I would really never grow old.

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