Standing My Watch

It was time for Habakkuk to stand his watch. It would be a long three hours, but important, necessary, and his duty. As he climbed the ladder which would lead to his rampart, the place where he would stand as the protector of his city he remember what his father had taught him about the duty of standing watch.

He had told him as he passed the time of providing protection to look in three directions. First he was to look outside the wall, out where the enemy would come from, out where those who would do them harm were hiding. A good watchman knew how far his eyes could see and how long it would take a warrior to come from that distance to his city. He knew each tree, stone, ditch, and other places where the enemy could hide in order to bring harm to his city.

Second a good watchman would always look within; from where he stood on the rampart he could see the roof of his home. He knew that under that roof his wife was asleep depending on him to provide protection, warning, and safety. His children were there deep in sleep with no fear and no concern about their safety because their father was standing the watch.

The third place a good watchman would look was up; up to where the stars marked their place in the sky, where the dimming of those stars would let him know that soon over the eastern horizon the sun would begin to peek and the morning star would begin to bring light to his city.

Habakkuk was an excellent watchman, he searched the darkness and shadows of the night outside his city, his eyes saw the image of his family and others who depended on him for their safety. He would not fail them. Habakkuk also looked up and as he did so he looked not only for the peaking of the sun in the eastern sky but for the presence of The Son as He keep their city safe and provide what no watchman could provide, assurance of salvation.

Habakkuk watched, he listened, he learned, and he longed for the coming of the Son. I wonder who did not keep their watch in America. Who allowed sin to slip so far under our doorway that what was once horrible has become an accepted way of life. Who forgot to sound the alarm, who failed to see how fast the enemy approached, who slept and did not look and allowed our values to slip until even truth is hard to find? Maybe it is time for us to look up and ask for The Son to rise.

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  1. I believe it is time for sure But with the Lord on our side we no it’s never to late to turn this country around

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