Doggy Door

The Doggy Door Adventure

Let me begin by saying that I am not a handy man, not even close. I have labored over hanging a picture, become frustrated with installing blinds, I am just not handy. I believe that I should preach, and let those who are so gifted, put in doors, fix cars and do all the other wonderful things that all of us depend on.

I had a doggy door, but Max being locked out one day decided to do away with it and for the last several months it has just been taped in place. So off to the task, after all as old as I am I should be able to make a simple replacement.

We have in Byrdstown a wonderful family that owns and operates a ‘Farmers Supply’ store. It is our version of Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Lows. It is a great place. You don’t have to park in yesterday to get to the door, they call me by name, they don’t have to but they do, and even seem really glad to see me. They let me talk about anything and act like they are interested and listing. It is really neat.

Since I don’t know the correct names for items, I describe them and they go to the exact place and get it for me. I really like the store. They didn’t have doggy doors but they found one somewhere and ordered it for me. It was the same make as the one I already had and I knew it would be a piece of cake.

The first problem I had was getting the old door off. The screws came off after I made about ten trips to various friends to borrow the right screwdriver, that gave me hope, but the door would not come out of its hole. When they had installed it they pasted it in with glue that just would not turn loose, it fought me with all of its power to stay in place.

Two days later, broken knees, skinned legs, and heart running at 190 I got it loose. Then I rested; back to work and wouldn’t you know that since they made the first door they have changed the design and the holes for the screws do not match. Now the door is metal and with all of my power I could not get new holes and screws in place.

All this time Max just looked on like, ‘You are in way over your head, might just as well leave the door open, it would be easier to heat the sun porch than work with the door’. I considered that, but after a debate with myself, borrowed a drill, made some new holes and what should have been a job for a couple of hours, now crossing into three days was complete.

Max wasn’t sure it was safe for him to use but the need to get outside outweighed his fear and now he is once again using the doggy door. Me, well I can barely stand, knees won’t work, heart beats 200 times a minute, breath is gone, and I now know that I really am old. No more doggy doors for this pastor, I will preach and let the doggy door doer do their thing.

Sure is nice of God to make so many kinds of people.

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