A Great Teacher

My Encourager

I was a small shy boy of nine when I met Mrs. Wilson my fourth grade teacher. I thought she was the prettiest teacher I had ever seen but I was far too bashful to even be noticed in her class. In fact I was the smallest person in the class.

I never answered a question, never offered a remark, and stayed very out of the way and near the back of the room. I felt safe in not being noticed so I made sure that I did not bring attention to myself. I didn’t respond well to other children and seldom took part in any recess activity. For some reason, that is not part of that memory, I felt very inferior and just wanted to be alone.

Mrs. Wilson must have notice these traits in me and decided to invest more than teaching in my life. Before class one day she asked if I could do her a favor. I wasn’t sure how to respond but nodded that I would. She told me that she had been collecting ‘Blue Horse’ note book covers and when she got a certain number and sent them in she would receive a nice gift for our class. She said that she needed me to count all of the covers, put them in stacks of 100, and give her a total count.

I am not sure why but this thrilled me and I gladly completed the task. She told the class what a good job I had done and how proud all of us should be since our class would be receiving a new world globe because of my hard work and their gifts of note book covers. All of this was far outside her duties as a teacher, but somehow she knew that they were duties of her life and calling. Teaching is a great and noble calling; they invest so very much into the lives of our children. Like great soldiers we owe them our honor and thanks.
Without knowing it Mrs. Wilson became my first encourager. I have never forgotten her and will always be indebted to her.



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