Is It True

When I published the story from Thursday, “Throwaway” in April of 2012 I had a number of emails and calls, this time only three. But here is the explanation:

The most asked question was, ‘Is it True?” Look at it real close, yes the part about the girl, her parent’s reaction, the birth and death of her son are true. The part about her living on the edge of poverty and in deep depression for so many years is true.

Now the ending, I will leave that up to you. I wrote it from my heart, but you can choose any ending you like. Others wanted to know ‘What Was the Point?” I was trying to get us to see how our judgment and reaction to others can affect not only them but many others.

I also wanted you to see that the father was not really concerned about his daughter, but his own reputation and standing in the community. I think a lot of people react with that same motive to many different kinds of problems. I suppose you could call it self-protection, but maybe you could call it selfishness.

Now I know that bad decisions and sin do have consequences, we do have to face up to our failures and learn from them and seek forgiveness for them. Most of the times we need help in climbing those mountains and rejection and judgment do not add a lot of climbing ability.

For myself I know that my guilt over any wrong, large or small is a great judgment to me without others putting salt into the wounds. I am open to your comments on this story and any others. It is always great to know that they are being read.

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  1. Ivan

    I have told you many times how much I love your stories because they come from a blend of your many years serving those who had little else than their faith. This is one of the best! My mom made me feel like that throwaway most of my life.

    I suppose that is why I struggle so, with the disability issues on top of the shame that mother burdened me with from my teen years forward.

    I have forgiven her many times and pray that she has some peace now.

    I think I have 98% peace most days!! Ha ha…

    Carole is so much like mom in so many ways and that is the crux of the arguments so often between us.

    Carole struggles like a bouncing ball between

    * “being mother” so that mother (in Carole’s mind) will approve


    * Despising mother for the shame she brought on us with her behavior that she so criticized us girls for…

    I’m sure by now you have heard the stories!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and helping us all to feel a little better, that we do have hope in Jesus, beyond all our tears and shame!



    • I really have not hear the stories, Carole does not read the blogs for some reason.

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