A Do Over

A Do Over – Bucket List

Let’s see, I receive the news, you get a do over. What would I do? I should really think about that for a long time because one of my many faults is being too spontaneous. Not thinking through and not taking time to make sure that the decision is the best one. But here goes just off the top of my head.

One thing I would like to do is to start a church from scratch in a large city. Maybe rent a movie theater, seldom use on Sunday morning, and just start a church. That has always been a dream but I never did one thing to go toward that dream.

I would also love to travel more, see more of the world, meet more people and try to make a difference in more lives.

With a do over I might stay in the Navy for twenty years, live on the top floor of a hotel, and take more trips to Israel.

I would be a better father, spent more time with my family and taken more family vacations. I would make sure that we shared meals together a lot around the table as a family.

I would be a better husband, heaven knows, there is a lot of room for improvement there. I would be a better pastor, preach better, serve better; just do it better the second time around.

I would go fishing more, now that would not change anything but I wish I had done more fishing, walked in the surf and cast out into the moving tide. I enjoyed that and wish I had done it more published my devotions and of course the list goes on. Now that I am growing old it is not so much a do over as it is a ‘bucket list’. Before I cannot, what do I want to do for certain? But at last I wake up, the dream is over and morning has come. There will never be a do over so I must do my very best now.

Do your very best the first time for there is no second. I promise you the first time goes really fast.

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