A Day We Remember

A Day We Remember

I believe that almost everyone over the age of nine at the time remembers where they were and what they were doing on the fatal Tuesday of September 11, 2001.

Carole and I were hosting a group of senior citizens from the Grace Baptist Church of Tullahoma at Pigeon Forge in the Smokies

The early morning TV news brought a cloud of tears and fears across our planned time of fun and frolic.

Life all across America froze in time and the planned events of the week were stopped as though someone had pushed the pause button on our land.

343 Firefighters, 107 police and security workers, along with 2,546 others never came home from work that day; a piece of America had died and life never returned to the days before the attack.

The next week I found myself not in the beauties of the Smokies but on the streets of New York. Everywhere you looked, the windows, the utilities poles, the walls of the subway, everywhere you would see posters of missing loved ones, with words like, Have you seen my dad?, Have you seen my brother?, Have you seen my husband, the city of the great population, our Big Apple,, was deep in mourning.

From the streets of New York, Washington, and fields of Pennsylvania the scene of death spread as the young men and woman of our military have spent the last 14 years searching for those who caused this disaster, the number grows each day and the tears are now across America like a great grief that will not go away and wounds that will not heal.

There is a hand that reaches for us to give us comfort and peace, but in our land of today we will not be touched, we will not be held, and we cannot be healed by our efforts alone.

As a boy in the 40’s I saw our nation come in tears before our Lord, and God touched our hearts, held our hands and wrapped His arms about us as He dried our tears; but today we will not respond and we will not be healed.


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  1. Brother Ivan, I have not read much lately and have missed your writing. Today, well it’s tomorrow morning four thirty. I sadly agree with your conclusion about the hands. Remember the rally feeling after 9-11,no one seems to remember today EXCEPT the family of a lost loved one. Your friend in Christ, Ann Buckley

    • Great to hear from you thanks much.

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