Beautiful Feet

(Written in June of 2010 from McAllen, TX for my friend Jim Allen who went home to get some new feet in February 2011)

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace. Romans 10:15

They are about as ugly as any I have seen. Black, broken, twisted with 80 years of walking through the jungles of Central American and the stone paths of Mexico.

I have seen him witness in the jungle, on the beach, in slums, and beside the road. My friend Jim has spent his lifetime in the service of the King and now I watch as his confused mind worries about not having enough clothes on to go out, he is perfectly dressed, but the shadows of his mind refuses to let him leave the nursing home and sinks him deep in tears because life at the moment is too confused for him to handle.

It fills my own eyes with tears and shreds my own heart. Carole and I came to assist him yet all of her tender care and my encouraging words seem to fall into some great void through which nothing can pass.

But his feet are sure beautiful in the sight of the Lord. Broken and bruised, scared and worn out, but done so for the Heart of God.

I thank God for those in McAllen who take such loving care of my friend Jim, and I add to their names all of those in my part of the world who do the same; may you know that what you do you do it as unto the Lord.


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