Two Old Travelers

A Night on Interstate 40

Ben had walked about as long as his seventy year old legs would take him, the rain was beginning to pick up and the traffic along interstate 40 still going the usual 80 was farther and farther apart, not much of a chance for anyone stopping in the rain and at two O’clock in the morning.

He saw a road crossing just ahead and decided to try and find a dry spot under the bridge to keep him for the night. Near the top, where the crossover road met the dirt was a nice level place out of the wind and rain so Ben bundled down for the night covering himself with the garbage bag he had taken at the rest stop a few miles back.

Old Josh, as everyone called him, was barely moving down the side of the interstate, rain falling, paws hurt, heart feeling lost as it had for the past month since he had been separated from his master. His stomach was empty; they had run him away from his only source of food at the rest stop so now it was road kill, throw outs, and nothing as he tried his best to follow his desire to get home, back to where it was warm, dry, and never hungry.

He stopped under the bridge, here at least the rain was not falling and he could just stretch out off of the road in the grass and rest his paws and legs. In a moment he heard a voice, it wasn’t his master’s voice but it was warm, friendly and welcoming.

“Hey boy, looking for a place to sleep? Come on up here it is flat and warmer up here and maybe you would like this old Big Mac I found back at the rest stop?” Old Josh almost crawled up the embankment, slowing as he reached the man but driven by hungry and the need to just hear a friendly voice, he had to make it to the top, he had to. Ben reached out and gave him the burger, Josh ate it like it was his last meal, then Ben pulled him under the make shift blanket and they drew closer to one another and soon the rain was gone, the cold had left and sleep was wonderful.

Just two old travelers moving along interstate 40 in Arizona now enjoying the comfort of one another and the harmony of their snoring.

Thursday – Arizona Daily Sun – Wander and his dog companion found dead under an overpass near the Flagstaff exit, death for both seemed to be of a natural cause. No additional information on either available.

Author’s note: nice to have someone to cross over with.

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