Thanks Larry

Thank You Larry

Mornings in Byrdstown start for a number of people at the local Shell station, they have breakfast items, snacks, coffee, cokes and yes even gas.  I call it our local country club because that is where so many of the men go to catch up on their excise and get the day started.  In fact some of them are known to spend most of the day there.

I join the group on many mornings and enjoy the catching up that we do with solving all of the world’s problems. Too bad no one in the group is running for the seat in Washington that most of the rest of Americans seem to be running for in 2016, they just might have the ground work to make things better. Also they might see that no one person has that ability, but this is not about politics this is about our small town.

As I was leaving the other morning a very nice lady in a car with tags from Ohio asked me if I lived here, I told her that I did and she went on the say that her family had been coming down for years to enjoy our lake and that they had never seen the intersection of Hwy. 111 and West Main Street look so nice.

She wanted to know if the city paid for this or the county, I told her neither. She then asked about the state, nope I said; “Well who does?” she asked.

No one I said pays for it to be done the guy who lives on the corner, a ship in, does it for nothing; he just loves our town and wants it to look its best. That’s right folks, Larry Delahoyssaye, is the man who makes the West entrance to our city look so great, hats off to Larry and a prayer that his tribe will increase and others will follow his leadership. Nice to live in a city where someone does something great and none of us can even pronounce his name.

Thanks Larry.


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