What to Say

I stood watching as the line move slowly; each person was there to greet those who mourned and each one was wondering in their own way just what to say.

I have been on both sides of that line: I have spoken my words hoping that they would bring some comfort to those who were hurting and provide them with the knowledge that you were seeking to honor their loved one.

On the other side I have received those words of comfort and honor from those who had stood in line for just that brief moment of contact. I remember a few of the words spoken, some of the faces but more than anything I remember the gentle hand shake, the soft hug, the moment of a shared tear and a quiet spirit of oneness.

Don’t worry so much about what you say. You do not need great words and beautiful phrases, just your being there, your eyes, your gentle hug and that still brief moment of showing by your presence that you have joined their sorrow, felt their lost, and embraced this time with them is what will leave the lasting peace and comfort.

Not advice from a man of wisdom but advice from one who has stood on both sides of the sorrow.


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