By the Side of the Sea

By The Side of The Sea

Like most of you I find so much of my life, my mind, and all that I do troubled by all that seems to be wrong in our world. I learned a secret when I was by the side of the Sea of Galilee, a secret you can share by the river, lake, or pond; find one and discover the secret.

The last night I spent by the Sea of Galilee in Israel I sat in a lawn chair facing out toward the open water. In the distance you could see the lights of the Nation of Jordan, not very friendly toward Israel, closer in scattered across the dark sea you could see the lights of the fishing boats on the Sea of Galilee. As I let my mind wonder across that darken water I thought of the time long ago when Jesus stood on that shore. It was on that shore that he called some of his disciple. From that shore he walked across the sea and calmed the storm for his friends. It was by that shore that he cooked breakfast for his disciples before he left for glory and it was from that shore that he told them where to cast so that they might catch a lot of fish.

The water does a wonderful thing for the mind, heart and soul of a person. Try sitting some night while you are enjoying our ‘Dale Hollow Lake’ and letting the silence and beauty of the lake move across the memories of your heart. Think about how blessed you are, how loved you are, and how wonderful it is to be alive and able to sit by the lake and listen to your heart echo from its waters.

Find your ‘Sea’ and take a moment and allow the healing waters of that place soak you with its joy, peace, and wonder. Don’t leave until you have told your troubles to the deep and when you leave allow them to sink to the bottom so that you might return home refreshed and renewed. Maybe you should take a stone and call it by the name of all your troubles then cast it into the deep of the water and watch as the waves it makes all run their course and allow the lake to once again return to its beautiful silent mirror of calmness.

Ivan N. Raley

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