Watch My Back

Watch My Back

I looked around the room at the twelve men counting myself sitting in a circle. Ten of them were on some sort of prison relief program and were required to attend the meeting. The other man was in charge of the house where they all lived.

Knowing that they were required to be there I decided to make it easy on them and opened with something like, ‘What would you like to talk about?” Not a smart move on my part but God ‘Watched My Back” through it all.

The conversation went something like this: One of the men said that I could not know anything about them and how they lived and what could we have in common enough to talk about. I agreed and we talked of our different backgrounds, education, experiences, and everything I could pull from my memory that demonstrated that we were indeed different.

Then I said but we do have three things in common. This brought a laugh from them and they said like what, we are not even the same color, how could we have anything in common. I said, first of all we are all sinners. Then I read from Romans 3:23. One said something about my not knowing anything about sin otherwise I would have been in jail. I explained the difference in sin and in breaking the law of man. Then I assured them that I was a sinner, because the bible said so and I knew so by my own life.

I then told them that we were also alike in that we were all “Loved by God”. I read John 3:16 and after a lot of discussion they still had a hard time believing that anyone loved them. I explained that the love I was talking about was not deserved nor earned but freely given by God.

Then I said that we were all alike in that we were saved the same way, by the grace of God through our faith in his Son. This brought on more talk and finally in a desire to share faith with them I asked if any of them had someone in prison who watched their back, someone they depended on and trusted?

Several nodded in agreement and I said, “God has your back.” Just like when you went out in the yard and depended on your man to watch your back, you trusted him, believed in him, and had faith in him. When you believe, I told them, that you can trust God to have your back, believe in Him and depend on Him then you are saved. With great tears two of the men were saved that night, “God Had Their Back” of the other eight, four went back to prison at some point and I do not know about the others. God Had My Back that night and I trust He has yours today.

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