Sharpen Lives

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

I have met some wonderful people who have sharpened my life. I will be forever grateful to each of them and pray that somehow I might sharpen the life of another.

It is not always the great and the powerful that help to shape the life of another. Sometimes it is a janitor at a church who has a great spirit of Jesus and shared that spirit with a young boy who would dropped by and just spend time asking questions.

It might be a little ‘old’ couple who lived across the street and spent countless hours answering the unimportant questions of child.

It was a deacon and his wife at Calvary who impressed him with their lives and ‘Sonny’ came to love the friends of his parents; Mrs. Simmons and Cletus. There are giants along the way, men like Dr. Stow whom it was a joy to ride down the interstate and listen to his voice and his heart as he poured out truths about life and Jesus.

A houseparent who dedicated his life to give those much of the world think of as throw aways another chance, a real chance. Then there was a social worker, program direct, and far too many to name who gave me insight into life and the other side of the story.

How about a deacon in the church who protected me from someone concerned that the kids and I were going to wear out the grass in the church yard playing football; his response to the upset member was, “If I have to choose between grass and kids, I think I will come down on the side of kids.” The nice twist to that story was that the man who had such concerns for the grass made it possible for us to purchase eight acres in the back that made a perfect place for kids. I could spend week’s just calling names, seeing faces, and remembering moments where others have touch and sharpened my life.

Don’t worry about your position in the world, just make sure your position with Jesus is secured and you too will be a sharpener of lives for Him.

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