Paper – Pencils – Pain

Pencils – Paper – Pain

You may have noticed those falling drops of water hitting the surface of our beautiful Dale Hollow Lake – You thought it was rain – it was not. Like the drops falling from the leaves of our trees on Oak Street – not rain – they are all tears falling from the eyes of our children who must now return to SCHOOL.

Too soon, still too hot, did not swim enough, sleep late enough, just goof off enough, it can’t be school so soon but it is. Tears falling among the Pencils – Paper – and causing the Pain of late summer – School.

Don’t tell the kids but in homes all over the county parents will sigh, smile, and shout – now I can have another cup of coffee, maybe even a nap as soon as the school bus door closes.

Of course it has been so long since I have been in school they probably don’t use Pencils and Paper; it is more like Pads and Pointers… But you get the picture.

But in all seriousness we are very fortunate in Pickett County to have great schools. True we don’t read the bible to kids in class but our teachers live it before them, we no longer recite the Lord’s Prayer, but here we can see it prayed out in the lives of our teachers.

Character may not be talked about as a discipline of the bible, but it is lived out in the lives of those who teach our children.

I have friends who pay $15,000 each for two children to attend private school, one who shells out more than  $24,000 all of this for grades 1 – 12,

I would say we are very fortunate in Pickett County, our schools are always in the highest group of schools in our state and our children go to college and do great. Not bad for small left out Pickett County.

Sure we need a new High School building, but like a church, school is more than a building, our value is not in all the equipment we have and all the great building, (but I do hope some generous person will build us a new school.) our value is in those who work with our children, give their lives to be of service to our kids and set an example before our kids.

Thank you Staff and Teachers – from grateful parents – Thank You.


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