A Father’s View

A Father’s View

I wrote most of this in October, 2011, the rest I wrote today: you will understand as you read it.

Melrose High School football stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, Friday October 7, 2011 the half is almost gone his team needs the points to leave the half leading. J. R. Osborn, fifteen year old freshman at CPA came into the game to attempt a 51 yard field goal for his team; if successful it would set both a school and personal record. The snap came, the line held and J.R. put the ball through the uprights. Of course the crowd went wild, the coach was elated and J.R. lived one of those thrilling moments that all guys would love to experience. His mother, Jennifer Osborn VanOrman and step father Justin stood two feet taller and the thrilling moment is still ringing. Heaven

Somewhere in the glory of glories Jim Osborn who left this world on April 4, 2001 smiled one of those complete and beautiful smiles. O I know that heaven is always great but this moment for a father who did not live to see his son hit the level of success he has achieved must have smiled really big and said if to no one else but to himself, ‘Way to go son.’ J.R. is Carole’s daughter Jennifer’s son and thus my grandson. I knew his father and I watched in those closing moments of his life how he faced the journey of death, how he prepared for the care of his wife and son, and how he lived those final days with honor and faith. Since God is on His throne and since God is always good I know that Friday night had to be a ‘good’ night for Jim. “God I thank you for a man like Jim to be the husband of our daughter and the father of J.R., we all do miss him and sometimes there are new tears in our eyes because of that journey of April 2001 but Father we trust you and know you and give thanks for Justin and the journey that he and Jennifer are now sharing.”

Today: United States Naval Academy Preparatory School:

The Naval Academy recruited J.R. to play football and placed him in the USNAPS for the next year. He will not only prepare himself for the Academy but will also grow and mature in his football skills. Their team will play nine games this year and he will get a first class education as he prepares to go to the ‘Yard’ in the summer of 2016.

Today will be his first full day at the USNAPS, his mother watched as he came out in his uniform, shaved head, smartly dressed and took the oath of service to his country. Then she began her journey home with tear filled eyes last night knowing that it will be three weeks before he can call and contact her. From Heaven Jim also shed the tears of a father and from here Carole and I send our prayers that he will do his best and walk with God as he begins this journey.

Grandfather Ivan

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