Hallmark Moment

A Hallmark Moment

This is the 1095th blog, hard to believe I have asked you to read that many stories and ramblings of mine. But they have been opened 91,431 times in 93 countries by 18,352 different computers. Now this is sometimes by accident as a man in California told me he was looking for a new supplier for frozen fish and came upon my story about a Frozen Fish, said he liked my story better than his new supplier. Great world we live in, too much for me to understand, I just hit the keys and hope for the best; I need an editor in a big way, but most people have put up with the poor editing and try to see through to the meaning of the story.

  – The Tears of The Lost

Like the lady who came into my office and poured out to my secretary and I, this was a number of years ago, I don’t have a secretary at Byrdstown, she had fallen so many times, broken the hearts of her parents, abandoned her children and even though she was yet to turn forty she could not name her husbands in any order even with the help of her fingers. She said she had heard me preach and that I had looked across the audience and said that God loved her, but she knew I had to be talking about someone else, that she was certain that God could not love her. She talked in a wispier because she said even to mention it she was afraid that God would somehow punish her before she could leave the office.

My secretary handed me my bible turned to Psalm 139 and I read David’s great praise to God for loving him in spite of knowing him. I told her of the woman at the well and how God had used her to change a city, of the woman who came with tears and perfume to anoint the feet of Jesus, too sinful to stand before him, of John when he heard the voice of God fell before His feet as though he, John, was dead, and how God used a big fish to teach a man who refused to serve Him how to change the history and destiny of a great city. I then told her that just as David had said, this man who had caused murder, committed adultery, and lost the joy of his family, but was still loved by God and called the apple of His eye, had said that God not only knew him but loved him.

She shed the tears of a broken and saddened child as my secretary and I prayed for her and with tears flowing with the force of rain she wept her sorrow before God and gave Him all that she could, the years that were left.

Is it not wonderful, marvelous, glorious, and beyond understanding how much God loves us, even when we are who we are?


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