Let Freedom Ring

Joshua Rowley’s wife had asked him not to go to the meeting at the small church near the town limits of Charleston, SC.  She knew that it was about independence, taking a stand for or against the founding of a new nation and she was afraid.  But Joshua had to go, the men of the area were expected to attend and besides he wanted to know what was going on and what his decision should be.

He learned quickly that not everyone was for independence, some didn’t care one way or the other, and still some did not want to risk what they had on a dream of a nation that might be and might not be.  Finally those who wished to be part of the move for independence were asked to sign the petition and to meet again in a few days.

Joshua looked at all the names, he had listened to all the appeals, and decision time was here. He was not a brave man but he wanted to always be a free man and he wanted his children to inherit a land that was all that you could dream it to be.  Joshua signed, looked back over his shoulder and decided that he had made the right decision.

Two days later before the second meeting could take place his home was burned, his cattle killed, and his life threatened.  He did not stop; he joined the rag tail army of the new nation and served until freedom rang.  One hundred and sixty-five years later his four time removed grandson died on Wake Island for the same nation and same great cause.

Our birthday comes to us with a great price. This week all over our nation flags will wave, songs will be sung, fireworks will light the sky and we will celebrate all of the Joshua’s’ of long ago and the millions since then who have paid to Let Freedom ring.

May it be proclaimed by each of us at this time of our Nations birth, Let Freedom ring even when I have to pay for the bell?

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