PFC Baker after struggling through the surf, dodging the thousands of bullets that had come his way, and losing everything he had eaten the past three days found himself leaning against the blown out American tank, hung in a ravine on the beach at Normandy. His Sgt. dropped down beside him and said, “How are you Baker?” Thankful Sarge, Thankful.

A word it seems many have forgotten. We are only thankful when we have more than others. Never mind the logic of there will always be some who because of family, hard work, or simple dumb luck have a larger house, drive a nicer car and know little if anything about the worries that many face each day in life.

I have a friend who made millions in Amway. He got in early, worked like mad, drove all his friends crazy and ended up riding in a limo and living in the top of our society. I tried it, didn’t work for me, but I did not resent nor dislike him for his wonderful success. We have a world that seems to resent those who have. How did we develop such a warped belief. L

Ten thousand men died that June day in 1944. When the war ended we left 104,366 men buried in the soil of Europe. America will forever have a presence in Europe wanted or not. Those of us who live in this great land now some 71 years later are surely grateful and thankful for those who helped to make this possible. As he looked across the beach at the bodies being buried by the sand of the surf  Private Baker was thankful.

I read recently of the new ‘millionaire class’ that China has: guess what the one thing all of them talked about and each of them wanted? To come and live in America.

Maybe we just need to spend our time thanking God for all that we do have and not complaining about what we do not have.


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  1. Amen Mr. Raley, amen!

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