The Cover Up

Dad had a wonderful wood working shop in our backyard at 246 South Lindsey Street; you would not believe me if I had counted and told you how many tools and other things he had in that shop, it was great.

One of the items that just fascinated me was his wood fold up ruler. I am not sure why but I liked that ruler, I would measure everything I could, height, width, it didn’t matter I just wanted to play with that wooded fold out ruler.

Now Dad must have told me a hundred times, not to play with the ruler, but try as I may, it was just too much temptation for my young life.

Johnnie Barber and I were playing Pirates one day and I decided that the fold our wooded ruler would make a great sword, after all if you got in a real battle you could always unfold it more and make it longer, to me it was a weapon of mass destruction.

Well you know the rest of the story; Johnnie had a stronger sword than my wooded fold out ruler and with one swift hit my sword, ruler, was broken.

That has been more than seventy years ago but I still remember putting the ruler back in its place hoping that it would be a long time before Dad would notice.

I am not sure when he found it but one day while I was in the shop he reached to the spot and broken he found the wooded folding ruler.

He didn’t punish me, he simply looked at me and said, ‘I hope you understand now why you do not play with rulers, these are not toys but tools.’

His disappointment, his slow words, his look, man that was all the punishment I needed or could stand, I would have preferred to have taking a whipping, the look, my heart was broken because his heart was hurt and I loved him so much.

That is exactly how it should be between God and us. Ivan

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