A Boy’s Prayer

The past several days had been so sad; the small ten year old boy did not understand what was happening and what to do about all that was going on in his home.

His mother had been sick for several weeks and nothing seemed to work. No matter what the doctor did she just did not get any better. He had walked to school that day aware that his mother was in the front bed room and that a number of family member from out of town were headed to visit with her.

The two blocks to school seemed like a long journey and his heart and body was burden with a sadness that he could not explain. During his math class his teacher walked by his desk and noticed that his paper was dotted with tears, she stepped away, then returned, leaned over and said, “Is mother still sick?” “Yes”, he said, “very sick and people from out of town are coming in to see her, I don’t know if she will get better, I am scared.” The teacher picked up his paper and said, “You can finish that tomorrow, why don’t you go home and be with your family.”

His tear stained eyes brighten just a bit and he grabbed his book bag and headed for home. As he got to his house the front yard was filled with kin folks and he heard his Uncle Tom Clay, say “go in and see your mother”, as he took him in his arms and hugged him real hard.

He stood several minutes in front of the door to her bedroom and then he went inside where his mother was, it was dark, no lights were on and the curtains had been pulled over the windows, only his mother was in the room. He knelt beside his mother’s bed and said over and over, “Please God don’t let my mother die, Please God!”

She lived another thirty years and died in that same house on Thursday May 5, 1977. I know because I was that little boy as well as the man who held her in my arms on that May night.

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