To Mom

I stopped at the small dress shop where mother purchased a lot of her clothes, the ladies knew me and help to pick out a purple dress that was just the kind she would want but never buy for herself.

They wrapped it for me and I was off to 246 South Lindsey Street to take mom and dad to lunch and celebrate an early Mother’s Day, it was Thursday May 5, 1977.

We had just the lunch mom wanted, would you believe ‘Long John Silvers’ why I do not know but she loved it. We purchased a weed eater for my dad and a case of just picked strawberries and headed back to 246 South Lindsey.

Mom had complained that she did not feel well, she had opened the gift and loved the dress, said I paid far too much for it but she loved it and her eyes sparkled. Dad used the weed eater outside around the house and mom and I capped the strawberries. She told me a joke about President Carter, we laughed and I noticed her taking a second pill.

About five in the afternoon she again complained of not feeling well, I tried to get her to let me take her to the hospital, but she was so frightened of hospitals that the answer was a defiant no.

I called our family physician, Dr. Thomas Ballard, he told me the pills she had been taking were Nitroglycerin, he said that she had another larger pill to give that to her and if she was not better within fifteen minutes to bring her to the hospital and he would meet us.

Before the fifteen minutes was up mom had left 246 South Lindsey for her new home in glory. Dr. Ballard met us at the entrance to the emergency room, he and others worked with her for about 30 minutes then he said, ‘Miss Johnnie is gone Ivan, there was nothing I could do, she had already left before she arrived at the hospital.’

My family and I gather in a circle in the small room where Dr. Ballard had put us to wait on him; I asked God to give to my family what I had asked Him to give to so many others and He did, His peace filled our hearts and our memories are beautiful.

On Saturday before Mother’s Day we placed her in that beautiful purple dress and said our formal goodbyes, thank God for the lovely ladies at the store and for that purpose dress.


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  1. Ivan, that was a lovely story. I didn’t realize that she died right before Mother’s Day. We loved her and Pop so much.

  2. Very nice,

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