It Died

I am not sure when the call came, not even sure who was the first person to let me know, but it died. No one knew for sure just why, many had opinions but there was so much confusion that no one could say for sure when it died or what caused the death.

Everyone had an opinion, and no one agreed, they just all knew that it had died, some wanted to charge this cause, some another, but as has been the case for so long they were too divided to agree.

The Nation of dreams, courage, assistance, hope, joy, better tomorrows, and the example that all other nations wanted to be like, Died. Now we were a long way from being a perfect nation and our leaders were never perfect, but in spite of their flaws and our flaws we were the greatest Nation on the face of the earth.

Sixteen million of our men and women put on a uniform and defended the rights of freedom for a people that most of those young men and women did not know and could not speak their language. More than five hundred thousand of those young people did not come home from that gift of freedom which they purchased for others.

I stood at 10,000 of those graves on the hill at Normandy, I prayed over many, wept at a couple, and watered the green grass of that honored place with my tears as I walked out of the gates of the American Cemetery at Normandy. My neighbor from across the street on Lindsey, Lt. Murray Evans could not leave; he will rest there until heaven calls.

I hope that the story I have just suggested is never true, I hope that this terrible dream from which I awoke remains only a nightmare, but in spite of all of my hope, I know sick when I see it and I know that our land is sick.


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  1. That we are!

  2. The nation is definitely on its deathbed. Will the body of Christ in the United States join the country…or will we become a vital and living remnant?

    Bless you, brother Ivan. Thanks for following my blog. 8^) I don’t post to it as much as I used to post. That may be changing. The Lord is walking me through trying to discover who I’m made and called to be…

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