A Request

A Request

Next week our Supreme Court will hear the oral arguments in the case for same sex marriages. Almost everything you read says that most Americans do not care one way or the other.

With all my heart I believe this is very much against the teaching of God’s Word. I realize how sensitive this is and how divided our people are when it comes to the subject of same sex love and marriage. I am certainly not an authority on this subject and have never been inclined to be part of such an emotional life, thus it is not my intent to hurt anyone, to demand from anyone, to be outraged; however how can I live by my choice to believe the Word of God and not speak against such a way of life.

I think of how this must slap God in the face for us to be making a serious consideration of putting the stamp of approval of our nation on this practice.

I don’t hate anyone, I don’t look down on others and I ask that you join me in this same declaration; however I am praying that our nation’s highest court will see how destructive this can be to our nation, our homes and our loyalty to the Word of God.

I think of the small business man who will be caught in a legal battle just to maintain his own beliefs and faith and still keep his business. Is there no fairness for him and his sincere beliefs, can his faith not be a part of the practice of his business?

My only request to you is that you join with me and others as we ask our Lord to give His divine intervention to this matter. Let us not turn from all of our faith, let us not by popular demand become a people without faith and belief.

Hate no one, despise no one, but share your sincere belief in the eternal Word of God. May God give His wisdom to our court and more than the court, to our people?

Ivan    inraley@yahoo.com

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  1. Very well said…Bro Ivan!

  2. It saddens me to see the path our Nation is taking these days. God forgive us. I am praying.
    Tonight I read that marriage between a man and a woman was established long before our government was. Who are they to determine whether it’s right or wrong. It has Nothing to do with what Constitution determines. I doubt seriously our forefathers even had this thought pass through their Brains! I know I didn’t until very recent years. It’s NUTS! Lord Have Mercy! Open our eyes that we may see Your Truth!!!

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