Lost Mother

I came out of the office door at K Mart and saw the five year old boy standing near the men’s shoe department with big tears rolling down his cheeks; I stooped down and asked him if he was lost. Between sobs he said yes, and then let out more tears. I told him to come with me and I was sure we could find his lost mother in our store.  There was a female clerk standing near us and I asked her to join me in going to the service desk.  She got a box of Kleenex and wiped away his tears and the three of us went to the service desk.

In those days K Mart had blue light specials and the lady shoppers were always hoping for one while they were in the store. So I took the cart with the long pole with the blue light on top, turned on the flashing light and said over the loud speaker; “Ladies get ready we are going to have a very unusual blue light special. This is so special that it will be stationed at the service desk and only one that is right only one lady in the store will be able to take advantage of this special.” Then I said, “Somewhere in this store is a lost mother and if she will come quickly to the blue light special station she will discover that she had been found.”

Suddenly I heard this lady crying and running up the center aisle of the store and as soon as she saw her son standing by the young clerk and the blue light special table she could not run fast enough to grab him, kiss him, and thank the young female clerk and myself.

Nice day’s work I though as I walked from the store out to my car, best blue light special we have ever had.

When you think about it; that it the purpose of all of us, getting people together, helping those who are crying to dry their tears and brining those who are fearful to security and joy. I even gave myself a pat on the back and decided that I would come to work the next day and see how many people I could put together.


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