I have been “Who Doed”, that right, me, with all of my years of experienced and fully knowing better I got ‘Who Doed’ last week.

I came home Saturday, just about worn out and received a call from someone who said they had visited our church, even told me that his wife was so impressed with the message that she stayed behind to talk with me about it after the service. That should have  been give away number 1, I never preach so well that people stay behind to tell me so; give away 2 would have been when he told me that she had died, never should have taken that bait.

He went on to explain that he and his niece were returning from Florida, they own a vacation home here he said, and would be with us in church on Sunday. Then he said that when he stopped for gas he could not find his wallet and felt for sure that he had left or lost it when they had stopped earlier at McDonalds. Big warning number 3, something is coming. He said that he had called the McDonalds, no wallet, his credit card companies, it would be Tuesday or Wednesday before he could get new ones and he and his niece were almost out of gas and he desperately needed money. When I explained that I had no way of getting money to him in Georgia, he told me that there was a Western Union office in Byrdstown, and even had their phone number. Warning numbers 4 and 5.

I went to the Western Union location and arranged the transfer… Big Mistake. Now I had given him my five cent warning that he would not be stealing from me but from God; I think the desire for money was greater than his fear of God.

Sunday came, no show, Monday no show, phone call no answer.  When I checked on the number he was calling from it was from Oklahoma. Now it is a mobile number and he could be anywhere, but one thing for certain, he is not here and he will not answer my call nor reply to my messages.

Well my staff at TBCH always told me that the reason I am bald headed is that I have SUCKER written on the front of my head. I looked in the mirror a moment ago and they are right there it is in big letters – SUCKER – .Ivan

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