Just Walking Along

Never had there been a week last this, they were so full of all of its events that they filled the road with chatter as they made their way home. They talked about the great parade, one like they had never seen as the man had arrived in town. The people gather, shouted, praised and even threw their clothes on the road in front of him; it was a parade of all parades.

Then as the week unfolded horror struck the city and he was arrested, beaten, cursed and marched under guard and another cheering crowd to Calvary. In horror they watched him die, the earth shook and the sun bowed its head and refused to shine, darkness filled the day time hours and the entire city quaked.

Now on their way home there were rumors of his grave being robbed, some even said he had come out of the grave alive, no there had never been a week like this and the air all around them was filled with both their excitement and grief.

They did not notice the man walking close to them and when he asked what they were talking about they thought him crazy, where had he been, had he not seen, not heard, sad that a man could miss such a week as this.

But as he begins to talk they knew that he may not have seen the events but he knew more about the week than they. With interest and excitement they invited him home, they wanted to hear more, know more, and understand more.

At the table they asked him to break the bread and when he did, when he broke that bread they saw his hands and they knew, they knew for certain that it was He, it was Jesus, the beaten one, the crucified and buried one and He was not dead He was alive.

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