Great Attitude

When I met him almost everyone called him Uncle, now I am sure that he was not an uncle to all the people in the community but that was his best title.

As the story goes he became very sick in his forties and the doctors believed that he would not live but a few months so he and his wife decided to divide their large farm into smaller but nice size farms for their children as well as one for his wife.

But God had other times and longer times for him to live, he not only recovered from cancer but became a healthy man who lived long into his elder years. In fact he out lived his wife.

It seemed though that a couple of the children did not do too well with their farms and as I understand it they had to sell out just to get out of debt and survive.

Because of this many of the men teased him about being too quick to give his land away and what a waste it had been, he never responded with much, just kind of grunted and went on about his life; the criticism could live on, and it would but so would he.

I was with him in the final days of his journey and we shared a lot of great stories about his life and all that he had seen and experienced. One day he decided to talk about his children and his gift to them of the farms and money. I was amazed at his attitude as he spoke about those of his children who had done poorly.

He said, ‘Pastor I am so glad I gave them the land, you see I got to watch them use it and even watched as some lost it, but you know, pastor, others have told me what a mistake I made and how I had missed out on so much that I could have had, but in truth I was blessed by every moment that I watched the story unfold.

It is true that some of them did not do well, but you know I was still here and I was still able to advise and help pull them out of the bad times. What if I had waited until I died, who would have helped them; look at all I would have missed, I got to see what I made be used by those for whom I made it and even if it all did not turn out to the best I was here to provide for those whom God had given to me.’

Uncle, you were a good and Godly man.


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