Where Are The Stones

She had hated her life, she could not remember the last time she had a positive thought about herself, it had been a long, long time ago, if ever. But this moment, this event was the worst. Being dragged through the street like some kind of animal by this group of men was more than she could take; it was the very bottom of her life.

She knew a number of them and she knew that they had been as guilty as she had but here they were making sure that everyone knew of her sin, and everyone would watch as she was punished. She had been set up, of that she was sure, the men came in just as she and her ‘companion’ was in the middle of their fleshly lust. But it would mean nothing to these men nor those standing watching her being shouted at, spit upon, and cursed to try and make her case, after all she was guilty, not the first time but many times.

They threw her bruised and naked body in front of a man, a man whom she had never seen and asked him to be her judge.

She could see him looking at her then searching with his eyes each of the men screaming for her punishment, her stoning.  He stooped and wrote something in the dusty ground, they continued to shout at him to have her stoned, he looked up and said, “Here is a plan, Let the one without sin cast the first stone at her.”

Then he continued to write in the dust. She could see the men one by one slipping away, she felt no thrown stone. Where were the stones? The stranger covered her with his robe, asked where those who had accused her were and then told her to go and stop her sinning. In all of her sin, in all of her shame, she had met the Master and He had forgiven her. Life for her started over, brand new, no stain, no sin, she had met the Master.

Ivan (Story from John chapter 8)

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