The Discovery

Jim was locked in a wheel chair, he could take care of none of his needs and life seemed so depressing to this once large and vibrant man. I would visit with him first at his daughter’s home and then in a nursing home and he would always seem so depressed, even angry and sometimes demanding and one might even say mean. I tried to talk with him but it made no progress and ended with my feeling depressed that I had even made the visit.

I really searched my heart and tried to discover some way to get through Jim’s darkness and despair. Putting myself in his circumstance made me realize that I might react in much the same way. Just two years before a company of several hundred people depended on his leadership, talents, and hard work. Now not even his body could respond to any wish.

I remember it was on a Thursday that I went by with my first wish; “Jim”, I said, “I need your help, I have the names of five people, one on each of these five pieces of paper, they are very sick and as far as I know unready for death. Now I realize that you cannot speak or visit with them, but Jim I need someone to spend some real time praying for them by name and I was wondering if you would take these five pieces of paper and pray each day for one of them. Maybe you could assign each to their own day and pray each Monday for one and then do the same each of four other days.”

I could see in his eyes that he understood me, he looked at the names as I placed them on the table beside him, then pointed to a couple and looked at me saying in his rough way, “I know these, bet they need a lot of praying. Don’t know the others but if I find the time I might pray for them.”

I left and returned to visit with Jim two weeks later. The nurse met me at the door and said, “What did you do to Jim? After you left last week he wanted to take a bath and insisted that I push him down to the chapel. Each day he has done the same thing and he stays in there several hours. He has not had one complaint and even hugged his daughter when she visited on Sunday.”

To cut to the chase Jim had discovered a new mission and new meaning in life. Locked in that chair and body he still had a purpose, a reason for each new day and a desire to complete his task. Jim lived long enough to pray for about 30 people and to know that six of them had been saved. He lived long enough to see his daughter in a new light and put himself into a new picture; when he died more than a dozen people told his daughter and me that they would miss him, his smile, his joy, his dedication to the task. Jim discovered what all of us need to know; that we have a purpose and make a difference.

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