I Remembered

I Remembered

I took a bucket of hot water, mixed it with vinegar and mopped by sun room floor today. It is the brick floor that use to be our patio. I did it twice and it still looks dusty, but then I remembered the homes in Belize that only had dirt for a floor and was thankful.

The last time I was in Jackson I stopped at my families graves and saw how brown the grass is and how the leaves are everywhere; then I remembered Goma, Zaire and the more than 2000 people buried in one unmarked grave, and I was thankful.

It seemed like it took five minutes for the hot water to arrive in the bathroom this morning; then I remembered heating my hot water in a black plastic bag on the roof of our building in the Congo, and I was thankful. My bank account looks like the disaster that it is but then I remember the men who worked for $3 a day in Rwanda and how grateful they were to receive the $3; and I was thankful.

I think maybe much of the way we feel about life and so many of the comparisons we make need to be received by the circumstance that life has handed us before we can make a wise decision. In fact I am certain that if we lived just one day in another part of the world our morning here would be a delight and our joy with things would be so much more. I think, in fact I know that we are a bit spoiled, no very spoiled. The other day I waited almost an hour to see the doctor, but I can remember that in Belize, Central America people would line up before dawn and wait all day to see a doctor. Also I remembered that they had walked several hours to get to our make shift clinic and were thrilled that a doctor would take their blood pressure and listen to their heart.

When I remember I am very thankful that I live in America.

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  1. Really enjoy the stories we are truly a blessed people

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