I Told You So

I Didn’t Say “I Told You So”

In my high school summers I worked in a boy’s camp for our State Baptist Convention. These were six weeks of exciting events held in camps near Newport and Linden, Tennessee. We always had the weeks filled with sports, swimming, and a little bit of class room time built around our conventions mission program. The week I speak of we had a dear lady, I thought she was about seventy, but thinking back she was more likely to have been in her 40’s. She had spent a number of years in Nigeria and we were looking forward to the week with her showing all the items she had brought with her as well as the pictures of the wild animals of the jungle. Our only glitch with this dear missionary was that she insisted in sleeping in the barracks with the boys. We explained how much nicer it would be for her to be in the staff house, how she could rest better, have more time to herself, and when none of this worked we explained that we would have to close one of the two bathrooms on the floor where she stayed for there were no facilities for ladies. She considered this but insisted that she needed to bond with the boys and let them see that she was real and she was sure that losing one bathroom would not be that troubling. Thinking back I believe it had been a long time since she had lived in a building with a hundred and fifty nine and ten year old guys, but at last we gave in, put a sign on one of the restroom that it was for ladies only, gave her a room on the first floor and settled in for a week of less than comfortable quarters since her room should have held a counselor and six boys. We got the boys to bed on the first night and all seemed to be going great, the place was spooky quiet with only the snoring of the counselors to be heard. About two in the morning one of the nine year olds decided to go to the rest room, half-awake he stumbled down the hall and entered her bedroom, seeing the white sheet she had pulled over her body you can guess what he thought it was, so close up to the bed he started to complete his task. Do you know how quickly the screams of a missionary from Nigeria can wake a barrack of boys at two in the morning; well let me assure you it is less than three seconds. The boy involved vanished, can you blame him? It took several of us about thirty minutes to quiet her down, get her dressed, packed and moved to the staff quarters. I understand she never made such a request again as she visited camps for the summer. It was a bit disturbing that the young man involved had a fear of Urines for the rest of his life, but well, I tried to warn everyone, but I didn’t: No didn’t say “I Told You So.

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