The Saga Continues

Cold Days, Bad Choices, Warm Hearts

If you read the blog from Tuesday this one will make more sense; for the story continues. As you may remember my car was left Monday night in the parking lot all by itself, cold, covered with ice and snow?

I woke Tuesday morning to a beautiful snow falling, it was really coming down and it was truly from the hand of God, just beautiful. I decided to have breakfast and remembered that I had a box of Cheerios. Now I like Cheerios, I really do, I eat them just out of the box like you would eat popcorn that is the way I like them the best. But I made the mistake of looking at the use by date on the box, February 2014, just a bit old, like twelve months. So I dug around found some cheese and crackers and had a nice breakfast.

The sun came out and all was beautiful, the next door yard filled with children and their sleds, it was a great sight. But I got to looking at the sun, remembering how lonely my car was and felt assured that I could get it up the hill. So I called Butch, he picked me up and I got the car, since I was out  I decided to get something hot and cooked for lunch, Dixie was the place, ran into friends and lunch was a delight, got my car, which by the way was much happier now, and headed for the hill and home.

I made it up that hill without any trouble, decided to pull into the upper drive at my house and bingo, it would not go, of course my tires are slick, no tread, and the tinny hill was covered with ice and snow so I found myself sideways almost in my neighbor’s yard. So what, I was home and I left the car and went in my house.

A neighbor called and said they had noticed I was having a problem with the car and offered to help, I explained that it would be alright and I would get it later.

Then I got to thinking someone will come along and take a picture and put in on face book, just for sure they would do that, so a call to Diane and the arrival of her son William who knows how to do anything the saga continued. Tim, whose yard I was sharing came out, he and William pushed, we did no good. Erica came over, said she figured we could use a woman’s help and then we hooked up a tow with William, then pushed, and with William driving, Erica, Tim and I pushing we got the car out of the yard onto the street and into the garage.

As my ‘Good Samaritans’ left I could hear all of them saying, leave it there.

God thank you for such good friends and please God, no more car stories.


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