Subway Friend

The Subway Friend

Daniel got on the subway and knew the moment he saw her who she was; since there was an empty seat next to her he asked if it would be alright for him to sit there. She looked up, surprised that in New York anyone would ask and said, “Sure”. After a couple of stops and several minutes he said, “My name is Daniel and even though I don’t know your name but I can see that this is a very troubling time for you.” She looked over and said, “You have no idea how troubling, by the way my name is Wanda, I have a daughter at Presbyterian Hospital and yes these are very troubling times.”  They talked on and she explained that last night was the first time she had left the hospital in more than two weeks but that as bad as things were she had to check on so much this morning that she just had to get home, get the papers, and see for herself that the issues of money were real and her insurance was almost gone. She got up to get off at the next stop and Daniel said, “Time to give it to God, I will be praying for your daughter and for you Wanda.” She looked at him and with flowing tears said, “I have poured out my heart; and I will continue to do so and thank you so much for praying and these few minutes on the subway.”

Daniel talked with the doctor that afternoon after catching Wanda out of the room and going in to meet her daughter and praying for her as he placed his hand on her head and asked his Father to heal her. He told the doctor that he represented an independent foundation and that he could assure him and the hospital that all of the bills would be paid; he left a cashier check for $10,000 and said if more was needed to simply call the number on the check. As he approached the elevator he told the doctor that it might be good to repeat the test he had made four days ago, with that he entered the elevator and left.

Six days later while waiting across the street from the main entrance of the hospital he saw Wanda and her daughter coming out of the hospital waiting for the next taxi to pull up. He walked across the street and said, “Wanda, I see that things are getting better, and you were right when you said your daughter was beautiful.” Wanda responded with, “You are the man from the subway; I remember you and you cannot believe all that has happened in the last few days.” “Better take this cab.” Daniel said, “It is waiting for you.” He heard the daughter say to her mother as they got in the cab, “Mother, that is the angel I told you about, the one who came to my room and touched me and prayed for me.” Wanda asked the driver to stop but when she got out of the cab and looked, Daniel was gone. “But he rode a subway”, she said to her daughter, “he can’t be and angel.” Her daughter replied, “But mother he is, he is.”


(I have seen a lot of miracles, never seen Daniel, but I sure have seen his work.)

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