I Made Someone Mad

I Made Someone Mad

Maybe more than one someone, on a normal day I have about 75 to 100 people who open my stories, on a normal day I have no comments, sometimes I will receive a couple, most of the time those two are positive statements.

But Monday, well Monday was different, I did receive one positive comment but all the rest and we will not say how many, were negative. More readers than usual so someone must have shared it with others, by far the most negative post I have written. That was post 986, I must try and remember that number, it really received bad revues.

I think there must be a lot more people who have lost hope than I understood, people are unhappy, I knew that, you can just stop and talk a few minutes with any group of people anywhere and you will see the unhappiness running out of some of them.

But to have decided that America is through, how can that be, we are not finished, suffering, yes, finished, no, we are still the greatest power in the world, we still do more for other countries than anyone else, we give more, pay more, and as far as I know we are one of the few nations that has a problem with too many people wanting to come here to live.

Someone said that people like me were part of the problem, that I had caused people to lose hope, me, that is very strange, I love our nation. They said old people needed to stop working and let younger people go to work, that may have some merit, but I think very little.  In fact most of my friends who are still working are making far less than the younger group is willing to work for, not sure about that assessment.

I still believe in America, our deeper purpose and our ability to overcome the horrors of life and the arrows of mistakes. We will overcome and we will remain the leader of the free world. And when history writes of us it will have to record that we are the champions, we are the free people of this world and we are the example that most of the world wishes to follow.

To the person who asked to be removed, I left you on the list for this message, I will remove you by tomorrow, sorry to part company, remember friends are able to disagree and remain friends.


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  1. Guess what ? I had the luxuary of reading the “I Made Someone Mad……” post B-4 I read the “American Dream Over” post. Sometime things work out that way. Funny though, When I went back and read the first one the next to last paragraph said it all. That was pretty positive to me. I find positives everywhere. Sometimes one must look for them, but they are there.

    The easiest explaination I can give is that Negative People have Negative Thoughts, its in their DNA. I just dismiss them and go on my positive way. I just say, “GOD made people like that to make the rest of us look good.”

    Mom use to scold me when I said, “GOD must love ugly people cause he sure made a lot of Us. We had a lot of laughs over that.

    Rob Dolder

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    • Thanks so much, you are right

  2. Ivan, you are right on point. My momma used to say “some people would complain if you hung them with a brand new rope”. 🙂

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