The American Dream Is Over

The American Dream Is Over

Really! What happened? Did it have an illness that could not be cured, was it killed, did it starve to death, did I wake up to discover that it was just a dream and now I am awake and it is all gone? Why did no one bother to tell me that it was over, I am part of the family, I deserve to know, I want an answer.

I am and old man and you know something I still dream, in fact just two years ago I purchased a new home, took out a thirty year mortgage, I will be the oldest person in the country when it is paid off, is the dream gone, can I still live in my home? My grandson is in college, is he now out, with nothing, not even able to finish, another grandson is about to receive his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army, will that not happen, I have a dream that he will be a Colonel when he retires. Is that hope gone?

Something is wrong; that sign cannot be right, even as an old man I still dream of days to come, victories to win, and laughter to fill my heart and home. If the dream is dead, then you killed it because I would not, I believe in America.

I went to church last Sunday, I felt the presence of God and I am sure that He is still in charge and He has not said one thing about my dreams being over, my country was dead, my hope was buried, and I might as well just give up. Tear down the sigh, it is a lie.

Now for certain a lot of thing are wrong with America and in fact to whole world, but over, not so, there will be other elections, other courses of action, new days, new leaders, new dreams, more mistakes but the American dream will not die for it has been put into our hearts by our Creator and when it is in fact over, it will not be over for I will be with Him forever. Hide your head in the sand if it makes you feel better, go back to bed, give up, complain and fuss and complain, but the sign is over, The American Dream is Not Over, it still lives in my heart and in the hearts of millions of others.


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